Hotel Krone Gößweinstein

Franconian Switzera

The nature park Franconian Switzera, the scenery of castles, caverns and mills, with its more than 4500 hiking trails, is one of the oldest and most appreciated holiday areas in Germany. The unique charm of this area is due to its unspoiled natural landscape. Many narrow valleys with deciduous forest, idyllically situated mills, sheer rock walls and caverns that may be newly discovered, always captivate the visitors. Small robber baron castles are enthroned on the hills along the “Romantic castle road” in the Wisenttal. Villages with neat half-timber houses line the street and there is still active farming to be noticed.

Franconian delicacies, starting with succulent roast, fresh asparagus, dishes from local wild boars and mushrooms, up to Aischgrund carp as well as the worldwide famous brewery density of more than 70 small local breweries are well worth visiting this region.

For museums, all kind of hiking trails, events, more information e.g. about history of the castles and palaces and more, you may look at: