Hotel Krone Gößweinstein

General terms and conditions

  1. The guest reception contract is concluded as soon as the room has been ordered and confirmed.

  2. The completion of the guest reception contract binds the contractual partners to the contractual performance, regardless of the agreed term of contract. This contract cannot be solved unilaterally.

  3. The aloof rooms are available to the guests between 14 p.m.(date of arrival) and 11 a.m. (date of departure).

  4. Provided that expressly a later journey time was not agreed, the hotel keeper reserves himself the right to allocate ordered rooms after 18 p.m. otherwise.

  5. The guest acquires no claim to supply of certain rooms or facilities.
    Should agreed rooms not be available, the hotel keeper is obliged to take care of equivalent substitute in the house or in other objects.

  6. If the period between completion of the contract and achievements exceeds, the agreed or customary price is to be paid.

  7. In case of non-utilization, the guest is obliged to pay the agreed or customary price.

    1. The hotel keeper in good faith is obliged to allocate otherwise as far as possible the non-utilized rooms, in order to avoid loss.
    2. Until the ulterior allocation of the rooms the guest has to pay the calculated price for the duration of the contract according to subparagraph 7.

Legal domicile Forchheim.