Hotel Krone Gößweinstein


45 km away from Gößweinstein

The medieval patrician town of Nürnberg, 1000-years old and times ago the town of the first Diet of the newly elected German emperors, the “Town of wood and cloth” was a central place of trade in Central Europe.
World-famous artists like Albrecht Dürer and Veit Stoß lived and operated in this town. The first German rail ride between Nürnberg and Fürth in 1835, as well as the Nuremberg toys enhanced amongst other things the prestige of the town. Numerous museums and historical buildings and monuments inside the city wall reflect the bygone history.
The famous “Christkindlsmarkt” at the Nuremberg main market place attracts the tourists from all over the world. Savour the Original Nuremberger rib steak sausage in one of the traditional restaurants after a leisurely stroll through the long pedestrian street in the old town.

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